Hunter Paye is a New Englander who made most of his music living while living out West the better part of 20yrs; recording 5 studio albums, and touring extensively opening for acts like Train, Michelle Shocked, Ronnie Montrose (Van Morrison, Herbie Hancock) and countless others, until moving back to Bradford Vermont in 2018 to be closer to help out his mother more.  With one month's notice he left his band and slipped into straight jobs to quickly restart a new life, and might have gotten caught there. 

But when his mother passed away unexpectedly in 2021, such prolonged darkness felt like he might not ever recover unless something drastic were done, so there at the heart of the pandemic he took most of his life’s savings and set out on a 4-month 13-flight adventure around the world (never getting Covid), traversing the lands of Morocco, Spain, Italy, Greece, Turkey, and Egypt, fully submerging into each culture, experiencing every great wonder of our world that any might have on their bucket list, from camel rides in the Sahara to the Vatican Museum, from the Colosseum to Pompeii and all the great ruins of the region, even tunneling into the Great Pyramid of Giza, all the while writing parts and laying out the blueprint for most aspects of his new album “Blueprints For Flight”.

He let his surroundings influence each song, noting  percussive elements and placements while riding a camel in the Sahara desert; determining which guest singer he’d try for on which songs in Madrid and Barcelona, hearing string and horn parts in Athens, recording harmony lines on his phone to the tunes in his head at the base of the Pyramids.

He returned to Vermont in 2022 determined to let the loss drive him back to becoming a full-time musician once again and it did; instantly building the home studio he’d only talked of before; then became a full-time petsitter to get paid while working 40 to 80+ hrs/week working on the album, engineering, and producing it himself, utilizing the great talents the Northeast has to offer while also utilizing some of the talents he’d formed bonds with around the country like Gil Assayas (Todd Rundgren’s current keyboard player), and using the remains of his savings to be able to do so, letting loss help him recover his dreams with a newfound drive that continues today.

Raised by his single mother along the New Hampshire side of the Connecticut River until 7th grade, then along the Vermont side of the river for the rest, always able to see the other state from the side they lived on;  who picked up guitar while attending Champlain College in Burlington VT;  who grew to make most of his music living while living out West for the better part of 20yrs, until moving back to Bradford VT. in 2018 to be closer to help his mother more. With one month's notice he left his band and returned East slipping into straight jobs to restart a new life back in Vermont, and might have gotten caught there if such a life-changing loss hadn't returned him to being a full-time musician.

“Blueprints For Flight” will be Hunter’s 6th full-length album, taking everything learned from its predecessors to create the most lush, diverse, sweeping, and cinematic listening experience yet; each song covering each emotion that comes during and after the great loss of one’s life, yet the album soars thanks to the depths and gifts of so much time in the hearts of foreign lands.  “If I’ve done what I set out to do then the listener will hear their own life in each song, and the sound of our times too. And my supportive community who took the trip thru sorrow and a return to joy around the world with me, will hear the soundtrack to our journey.”